What is Christian Science?

Christian Science presents a fresh way of understanding and learning about one’s own relationship to God, and is based on the teachings of Christ Jesus.

It shows how problems of any kind can be healed and overcome through prayer, centred on spiritual laws and the knowledge of an omnipotent power, that of a loving, Father-Mother God.

Mary Baker Eddy - founder and discoverer of Christian Science - proved this for herself and countless others.

Anyone can turn to God for healing today in just the same way.

Church Services and Sunday School

Sunday Services
Christian Science Sunday church services are for everyone! The hymns, prayer and a Lesson-Sermon read from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures provide spiritual inspiration and a healing atmosphere.

Sunday School
Just an hour every week where young children through to teenagers can explore the moral and spiritual teachings of the Bible and Science and Health and learn how to make them practical in their own lives. Click here for more details about Sunday School.

Wednesday Testimony meetings are a midweek pause for prayer, for listening to readings from the Bible and Science and Health that speak to a current issue or need in the community or world. There is also an opportunity to share (and listen to) testimonies of healing and experiences gained through prayer and the study of Christian Science.

The Bible and Science and Health

“The Bible contains the recipe for all healing.“ Its timeless spirituality, its many stories, the Psalms, Proverbs and especially the teachings, healings and life of Christ Jesus, continue to support and inspire us.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, written to explain Christian Science and how it heals, is based on her years of Bible study and provides insight for reading the Scriptures with greater spiritual understanding.

Together, the Bible and Science and Health are the pastor of the Christian Science Church. Daily inspiration and healing can be found in the weekly Lesson-Sermon with its specially chosen readings from both books. This Lesson-Sermon is read at all Sunday services, using the King James Version Bible with its rich poetry and prose.


Inspirational daily lifts (audio)

Jane Rieder
Posted: January 23
Tony Lobl
Posted: January 22
David Taillefer
Posted: January 21

Sentinel Watch

Weekly podcast from the Christian Science Sentinel
Have you ever thought, “I wish I hadn't done that”? Even though we all make mistakes, and hopefully learn from them, sometimes the end result of our actions seems to be a problem that can’t be fixed. On today’s Sentinel Watch, our guest will talk about how an understanding of God and His love for us—as God’s spiritual image—provides a powerful basis for progress and healing that can erase the impact of any of our mistakes and help to prevent future ones.


Thought for the day

Meekness and charity have divine authority
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy (p. 270)


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